What is Vocation?

Our English word vocation comes from the latin voco, meaning call, summon or invoke. The latin voco is related to vox which means speech or voice.


So in this sense, voco means a form of speech or voice which calls, summons or invokes.


Since the call is presented in terms of speech or voice, there must be a speaker. The call does not come from ourselves, but from the one who is speaking.


When we talk about vocation, we usually mean life vocation. This means we are asking what is my calling in life. This is another way of saying, “What am I meant to be doing in my life?”


This is a question that every human being should ask.


Our calling in life is truly a verbal calling, because it comes from God himself. God is the speaker, God is the one who calls. This is part of the way in which he calls every human being to himself.


So we see that the first aspect of Vocation is Call.

"What am I meant to be doing in my life?"