Vocations and the Ordinariate

The Ordinariate’s mission is evangelism.


The Ordinariate is also fundamentally orientated to Christian unity and ecumenism. The Ordinariate stands to show that Christian unity is possible. Indeed, an official from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has said that the Ordinariates are “ecumenism in the front row.”


Part of the way that the Ordinariate carries out her mission is to bring a distinctly English way of being Catholic into the Catholic Church.


Ever since the beginning of the Church, there have been different ways of being Catholic. Here in Australia, there are various Eastern Rite churches, such as the Ukrainian Catholic Church, the Maronites, and so on. However for western, or Latin, Catholics the predominant way of being Catholic is that of the form of Irish Catholicism that developed in Australia.


The Ordinariate brings about a distinctly English way of being Catholic for the majority of Catholics in Australia who are western Catholics.


When we talk about religious orders, we talk about their charism – that is the distinctive way in which they carry out the mission of the Church in their own community.


While the Ordinariate is not a religious community, but rather equivalent to a diocese, it can also be said that the Ordinariate has a charism – a particular way of carrying out her mission within the Church.

"The Ordinariates are 'ecumenism in the front row.'"