We find our Vocation through different states of life

We often speak of vocation in terms of states of life.


These are:


  • Married

  • Single

  • Ordained

  • Religious


These states of life are however not the entire story of our vocation. We might speak of a vocation to be married, or a vocation to the priesthood, but that does not mean that our vocation ends on our wedding day or when we are ordained.


What we are really saying is that these are the particular states of life through which we live out our vocation. Everyone’s personal story will look different, this is part of the reality of how God has created us. But our state of life guides and informs how we live out our vocation.


Each one of these is a gift of self to a particular way of life.

Each one of these constitutes a way of responding to a call from God himself.