Most human beings are called to the married state.


This is the state where one man gives himself completely and unselfishly to one woman, and the woman gives herself completely and unselfishly to the man.


Married life, like all vocations is to be open to fruitfulness.

There are all sorts of ways that you can generate fruit in your vocation, however married life is the only vocation that is of its very nature capable of generating a new human person.


Thus the vocation of married life is intrinsically ordered to the building up of society – of generating and nurturing the basic building block of all societies – the family.


Marriage is presented as highly regarded in the Scriptures.

In the Genesis account, Adam is found to be lacking until God creates his complement Eve, and a family is possible.

(Gen. 2:20-25)


God’s favour towards marriage is shown in Jesus’ attendance at the wedding at Cana. (Jn. 2)


The Kingdom of God is repeatedly described in terms of a wedding feast.

Jesus is described as the bridegroom.


Jesus’ crucifixion is described in wedding language - Jesus gives himself completely and unselfishly, holding nothing of himself back. He gives himself to his bride the Church, whilst at the same time procreating the Church. And so the relationship between Jesus and his Church is understood as a marriage.


Indeed, the power of a sacramental marriage is that it images this mystery. Christian marriage is drawn into the reality of the paschal mystery. Christian spouses are called to give themselves unselfishly just as Christ did, and in the sacrament of Holy Matrimony they receive grace to assist them to do this.


It should be noted that marriage is not about sex, or an outlet for carnal desires – this would be selfish gratification that treats the other as a thing, not a person, and is against the very nature of what marriage is.

Prayer for vocations to the Married Life:


"Lord Jesus Christ, who at Cana didst bless marriage; grant, we pray, that men and women may receive courage to give themselves unselfishly in marriage, and to be so caught up into your love for your Church, who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen."