Addressing a Vocational Crisis

Today society teaches our young people that they can only find happiness by constructing a life revolving solely around themselves.


More and more, young people are completely unmotivated to do anything unless they can personally gain from it.


Young people are refusing to marry, refusing to have children, because it requires self-sacrifice – because it requires them to do something that is inherently unselfish, but they have spent their whole lives learning how to be selfish.


To them, it’s a simple matter of economics – the dollars don’t add up. But despite pursuing a way of life that theoretically gives everything a selfish young person could ever want – money, possessions, travel and so on, more and more young people are spiralling into things like alcoholism, drug dependence, internet and pornography addiction, meaningless casual sex, and ultimately despair.


In short, our young people are being taught to construct a self-enclosed world.

To be self-enclosed is to be cut off. To be cut off from other human beings, to be cut off from what we need to be truly human. A self-enclosed existence is just another name for a personal prison.

"Young people are being taught to construct a self-enclosed world."